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What is Osteopathy?


Take a moment to see and hear what we do ...

Everybody experiences Osteopathy in their own way following treatment. Some people drift into states of bliss and marshmallowy yumminess, others hit the gym as if the power of Chuck Norris was bestowed upon them. Some experience a "text book" stiffness for a day or two while others spring back with new found flexibility and function. An Osteopath will implement evidence based medicine to suit the individuality of the human and their needs.


Bones, right? Technically yes. We make them move better by nurturing the other systems of the body, like the joints, muscles, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Osteoporosis is not who we are, but a condition we see regularly.

Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on treatment for the whole body that is tailored to the patient's clinical presentation.

Most aches, pains and nerve sensations can be attributed to common dysfunctions like poor blood flow, strained muscles, along with irritated nerves or joints due to strain patterns and unbalanced structures. Exercise, diet, work and lifestyle patterns can contribute to these irritations, as well as congenital and anatomical variances.

Considering the whole body, one can see that these elements affect everything from the head to the toes and everything in between.

This is an Osteopaths area of expertise.

Osteopathy is an AHPRA recognised allied health profession who's primary role is to assess, diagnose and treat conditions of the neuro-musculoskeletal frameworks.

Diagnostic procedures used regularly include patient history taking, radiological diagnosis, visual and palpated assessment, as well as testing orthopaedics, range of motion, articulation, vital signs and normal versus dysfunctional patterns.

We correct and strengthen your movement and posture patterns to maintain your best health.

The art of Osteopathy is underpinned by the science of human physiology, anatomy and pathophysiology.

The relationship between the three pillars, (mind, body and soul) are foundation to the profession, along with knowing that the interconnectedness of all human parts and systems create a whole person.

Treatment is tailored to your personal clinical presentation and may include
gentle adjustments, stretching, myofascial and soft tissue release, lymphatic, cranial and articulatory techniques.

Some people liken the experience to a blend of physio, chiro and massage and report the need for Osteo treatment to be less frequent.

Start moving better - Get rid of the niggles - Osteopathy is gentle, holistic and effective


South Australian born and bred, he has returned home to be around family, friends and the beautiful Adelaide countryside. He is the founder and Principal Osteopath at Aldinga Osteo & Co.


                    " I chose to be on the Fleurieu because it offers a superb blend of ocean, land, lifestyle and community culture. After two years of successful practice with Kensington Osteopathy, I decided to leave the traffic jams of the burbs so I could live and work on the Peninsula where I spent most of my recreational time as an adolescent. This place is a charm and the locals are heart centred gems.        Dr  Sam



Enjoying all the region has to offer, you might find him snorkelling the reef, catching a cheeky wave or cycling the Esplanade. When it comes to fitness, his favourite training styles are aerobic, HIIT, functional and compound strength exercises. His weekends are normally spent doing ocean races on yachts or whipping around Aldinga Bay on his trimaran.

There are many local delights to enjoy as well, from wine, coffee and food, to yoga and the local markets. There is a spot on our gallery for our favourite local businesses.

Samuel's Osteopathic career has seen him practice in Queensland from the Gold Coast through to the Sunshine Coast, as well as conducting outreach missions through outback NSW, WA, NT and SA.

Victoria University and Southern Cross University were his academic institutes, where he studied Specialised Science, completed his Bachelor of Clinical Science and Master of Osteopathic Medicine.

Samuel also chaired the Student Osteopathic Medicine Association as President for four years, giving the cohort voice, extra curricular opportunities, support and industry representation.

Before his studies, Samuel spent many years as a massage therapist, helping people through their aches and pains. He also worked in sales, manufacturing industries and on building sites, so knows first hand how injuries are acquired.

Aldinga Osteo is part of the Go South Go Local campaign, supported by the City of Onkaparinga Council.

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